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Methods of Transparent Web Application Encryption in ASP.NET

In this article I'd like to spend some time illustrating techniques of encryption in web applications. We will transparently secure querystrings, cookies, and other aspects of web applications which can transmit sensitive information. Lastly, we will look at the deployment of web application security on individual websites, individual servers, and web farms.

Intel Quad-Core Overclocking

It has been a while since I had a stable enough system to consider overclocking. However, my current Intel 975 board has been so rock solid for the last year and a half I couldn't imagine parting with it. I decided to see how fast I could push the Intel 2.4GHz dual-core system instead of doing a complete rebuild and worry about reinstalling the RAID sub-system and OS. For just $380 a few hours of time I managed to upgrade the system to an overclocked 3.0GHz quad-core while doubling the system memory.

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