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Moab Road Trip

October 2013

Moab is a destination we've had on our radar for years. At last we finally made it to the legendary land of painted rock, arches, and epic singletrack, located in the quiet desert of eastern Moab. A cross roads of exploration, Moab is watched over by the towering La Sal mountains to the south-east, Canyonlands National Park to the south-west, Arches National Park to the north; all of which are intersected by the great Colorado river.

For trail information and gear, I highly recommend checking out Poison Spider Cyclery. They were super helpful and even let me ship a couple of items to them that I had left 1,000 miles back home!

Bull Run

Bull Run trail, one of Moab's Best

After a warm up ride in the Brand trails, we headed to the Gemini Bridges area for a day of riding.

One of the unique aspects of Moab trail riding, besides the scenery, are the painted stripes that mark the trail. The signage is excellent and very accommodating to out of town riders.

The ride itself offers panoramic views of the Moab area. Bring your camera and a lunch to eat while taking in the views.

Porcupine Rim

After a semi-day off with a short ride in the Klondike trails near camp, we attempted to do the 32 mile "Whole Enchilada" for our next big ride. Unfortunately some serious weather came in and besides freezing the water at camp (Climbing out of my tent at night for a minute to check the temperature showed 29F), dumped snow all over the upper elevation trails in the La Sals.

Despite extremely high winds at the top that pushed us off our rigs at times, we managed to stay on the trail and avoid falling 1000+ feet off the side of porcupine rim.

Here we are with shiny new helmets after having lost both of ours within the past few days. The weather was very cold at the top!

Sweet singletrack flows through iron-dyed sandstone and Juniper trees.

Colorado river and "River Road" highway 128 in the background. Along opposite side of the river in the distance lies Arches NP.

Slick Rock Trail

Another crowd favorite, Slick Rock Trail is located right next to town (you can easily ride there from town). Passing Camel's back on the way up was fun to see, but nobody was driving down it that day. A few bucks for a parking pass later we were in Moab's Slick Rock park. Although I must say, the namesake is quite a misnomer: these trails were soon pushing our disc brakes to the limit as they gripped the extremely tacky and hardly slick "slick rock".

Ryan mustering up the slickrock.

The city of Moab with the Colorado River in the background.

Arches National Park

Before leaving we stopped and visited Arches and Canyonlands National Park. Both were well worth the visit! We'll definitely be back...

As always, thanks for reading!

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