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There and Back Again: Holy Jim to Coldwater to Indian Truck to Trabuco Trail

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Although the title may sound like it, this isn't a Hobbit's tale. There are no little people or Bagginses here. What follows is a mountain biker's tale of a day's journey across the Saddleback Mountain range, from Orange County to Riverside County and back.

Picturesque view from Upper Holy Jim Trail.

Route: Climb up Lower Holy Jim Trail to Upper Holy Jim Trail, descend Coldwater Trail, come back up Indian Truck Trail to the Main Divide fire road, and descend Trabuco Trail back and come out Trabuco Road.

Ever since our last trip to Coldwater Trail, Sol and I had been pondering the idea of riding from one side of the Saddleback mountains to the other side and back again. In all likelyhood, the native americans probably did this quite frequently to trade with one another. In a time of scant resources, those living inland might travel over the mountain range to trade goods with tribes living near the sea. Perhaps they could make the journey by foot in a day and come back the next. If only they had mountain bikes...

Sol hiking-a-bike on Upper Holy Jim

We started our day out late, getting on the trail at 8:30 AM. The sun was shining. We knew it would be a long day, but we had no idea how long of a day it was really going to be!

Praying to the mountain bike gods for good fortune on Holy Jim Trail.

The first of many flats to come.

Mid-day on Coldwater Trail.

Steep section on Coldwater Trail.

Too steep for me...

Rounding a corner too fast...

Refilling at the quicky mart.

Can you see him?

The climb up Indian Truck Trail back to Orange County.

Sol Climbing ITT.

The top of ITT.

The top of the "Wall" on the main divide.

A view of Trabuco Canyon.

Looking down the Main divide to San Diego.

Sol's first flat of the day...

Jered, boy-scout-in-training, ready to tackle Pinos. His backpack was about the same volume or larger than he was.

Trabuco canyon trail. My favorite trail.

Looking down Trabuco Canyon.

Stats: 40 miles, 7,000ft ascent/descent, 5 flats.

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