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Norcal Goldrush Road Trip

July 2009

This year Ryan and I had the opportunity to head up to Downieville and Tahoe, CA, for our annual bike trip. It turns out that 100 miles of single track wasn't enough, so we stopped at Yosemite on the way back to socal for a little half dome singletrack, sans the bikes.


Downieville was a cool 95F. I think we ended up spending more time in the rivers than on the trails.

Packer saddle (our first and only shuttle)

Ryan ripping the Downieville downhill

Day #2 on the Yuba expedition trail

Local swimming hole

Ryan jamming the yuba

The rigs at home on the trail

Lake Tahoe

After 50 miles of Downieville singletrack we headed up in elevation to Lake Tahoe. We were planning on hitting the flume, but it was closed, so we chose Armstrong pass/Tahoe Rim Trail/Mr. Toad's loop at the last minute. We were both glad we did as the scenery was great and Toad's was beyond sick. At one point between slaloming around bolders at speed I launched off what seemed like a head high drop. I was having so much fun the "what if" didn't set in until a few seconds later.

On the TRT looking west across South Tahoe

South Tahoe and big blue

Ryan cresting the top of Armstrong pass at 9,000 ft

Taking in the view from 10K

Mr. Toads stole the show for the day and made us forget about how we ran out of water 2 and a half hours ago.

The next day we headed to Christmas valley for some more TRT riding. At the turn around point it forks with the PCT.


On the way home we passed through Yosemite. We stayed at Ryan's friends' house an hour outside the park (thanks Jason and Katie). Ryan conveniently informed me for the first time at the base of the cables that he is afraid of heights. I don't see why, do you?

The Yosemite cables. Not sure you could pedal up it, but it would be fun to try!

Top of the dome with Brandon and Jocelyn, some friends we made on the way up. They were very cool and pro hikers. Ryan rocked the cables and lent encouragement to everyone around him who was stressed and wondering what the hell they had got themselves into.

Me thinking about taking up base jumping...not!

Vernal Fall. Even more beautiful in person and a great way to end a great trip.

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