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Indian Truck Trail to Coldwater

Saturday, March 29th, 2009

Today my friend Sol and I headed up the east side of the Santa Anas to ride Coldwater trail for the first time. Since this was his idea, I blame him for all of the cuts and scrapes from the brush along the way. Luckily thats the worst we encountered even with a few crashes added into the mix. The spring weather was magnificent and the trail was even better.

The view from ITT

Sol sporting his new 50-miler Project Rwanda jersey.

Sol climbing ITT

Wildflowers were everywhere

Looking at the San Gabes

Climbing in the alpine zone

Looking at Saddleback peak from the back side

Coldwater trail

Coming down Coldwater

Sweet singletrack

Sol climbing the Hike-a-bike section

The lower part of Coldwater is very steep. Sol found that using his bike infront of him as a brake helped the descent. I thought mountaineering boots and an ice axe would be better. I'm not sure how people ride this but if you can my hats off to you.

I'm not sure if this section constitutes "a trail" at this point.

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