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Tour De Beach Cities

August 23rd, 2008

Today was a beautiful Southern California day. Mild summer weather and a cool ocean breeze made for a great day on the bike. Temperatures along the coast can be 10-15F lower than inland, so when it heats up into the 90s in Irvine I like to give the mountain bike a rest and take the road bike for a spin.

(I will be updating this page later with a route sheet and details an all 5 of the climbs in Laguna and San Clemente)

Ride Stats

Miles: 134
Start Time: 8:00 AM
End Time: 9:00 PM
Pedal Time: 9:20

(Pre-ride dinner. Trying to eat like Michael Phelps...)

(Did I mention you need a lot of food on the road?)

(Glassy Upper Newport Back Bay at 8:30 AM)

(Corona Del Mar lookout point. Note the beautiful arch in the bay.)

(Crystal Cove State Beach, home of the Pacific Coast Triathlon.)

(Coastal lookout from Laguna Beach. If you look closely you can see Dana Point in the distance.)

(Waves crashing on the jagged rocks in Laguna Beach)

(Its hard to take a bad photo in Laguna)

(The hike-a-bike section after climbing Park Street to get through to Aliso Woods)

(Follow this path along the ridgeline back to city streets and the Nyes Place descent)

(Vista from Top of the world, Laguna Beach)

3rd street climb, the only San Francisco-like hill in OC that I know of. There's no dabbing (or parking) on this hill.

(The Dana Point Harbor just as the cloud cover is burning off)

(Doheny Surf Break in Dana Point)

(Vista from Capistrano Beach looking north towards the Dana Point Harbor on Palisades Road)

(Vista looking South to San Clemente. Northbeach/204 can be seen in the distance.)

(Rest stop and refueling station at Victoria Market, aka Rami's. ROCK ON RAMI DAWWGGGG! In case you haven't guessed by the shirt, banners, hard hats, and other wall hangings, Rami is the biggest Laker Fan in the universe.

(Vista from Top of the World in San Clemente)

(The endless path south of San Onoffre State Park on old Highway 101 looking north)

(Old Highway 101 looking south)

(Camp Pendelton Marine Base)

(Oceanside Harbor, the turn-around point. There was a big rowing race and I rode up just in time to see the finish.)

Sunset view while climbing Alta Vista in Laguna Beach on the way home.

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