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Mountain Bike Trails & Races

New Mexico

Mountain biking the land of enchantment.


An oasis in the painted desert.

Palm Canyon Epic

The classic Southern California desert epic.


A backcountry trail in the Santa Anas.


Summer road trip to the land of potatos and epic singletrack.

Lake Cuyamaca Epic

A sunny January ride through epic singletrack around Lake Cuyamaca in East San Diego/Anza Borrego.

Montana Road Trip

Road trippin' to Big Sky Country, with stops in Wyoming and Idaho along the way.

2010 Julian Death March

An endurance mountain biking event in east San Deigo County.

Northern California Goldrush Road Trip

Road trip to Downieville and Lake Tahoe, 2009.

Noble Canyon Epic

"Le Tour de Noble" is an epic ride in Noble Canyon, San Diego.

There and Back Again

A journey over the Santa Ana Mountains and back again.

Indian Truck Trail to Coldwater

A backcountry trail in the Santa Anas.

2009 Vision Quest Mountain Bike Race

A long day in the Santa Ana Mountains.

Singlespeeding Laguna Wilderness

A fun (but hot) day in Laguna Wilderness.

Tour De Beach Cities

An improvized tour of the Southern California coast between Newport Beach and Oceanside.

Colorado Road Trip

Two-weeks in Colorado, 150 miles of single track, and the Fat Tire Brewery!

Sir9 Maiden Voyage

Big wheels keep on turning...

Solvang Double Century 2008

What could be more fun than a 100 mile tour of the Central Coast, filled with vinyards, wildflowers, coastal views and ocean breezes? How about 200 miles!

Penny Farthing

Tam, the self-proclaimed ultimate collector of titanium and track bikes shows off his big wheel. This bike puts 29ers to shame!

A Rainy Day at San Juan Trail 2006

With its never-ending switchbacks, sand ruts, technical granite rock, cliff exposure, and 2000ft+ of elevation gain in the first 4-5 miles, San Juan Trail is always a humbling experience--especially in 100 degree southern california summer weather. Fortunately, the rain last night and a cool December day made for a chilly 18.4 mile ride. I also managed to not fall a single time on this trail (a first)! However, I've yet to hold my concentration long enough not to dab on the way up.

Exploration Trail to Keller Peak 2006

Day 1 of my 3 day Thanksgiving mountain bike trip in the San Bernardino Mountains. I rode 60 miles of sweet singletrack. Day 1 was Exploration Trail to Keller Peak and back, day two was a 30 mile shuttle along the Santa Ana River Trail and day 3 was a couple of Pine Knot/Cabin 98/Fire access road loops in Big Bear.

In between Running Springs and Arrowbear, Exploration trail is a short 5 mile climb of beautiful singletrack. From the top of Exploration trail, a 2.5 mile climb along a paved access road leads to Keller Peak fire lookout.

Carrizo Gorge 2006

Night ride on the Carrizo Gorge railway line. Note this trail is no longer legal as the line has been reestablished and is currently in use. One of the tunnels on this trail is exactly a half mile long. Amazingly, the tunnel is perfectly straight. All of the tunnels are supported by huge wooden braces which, when rode through, reminded me of the Halls of Helm's Deep in the Lord of the Rings': The Two Towers.

Oregon Roadtrip 2006

My second road trip from the OC to Portland Oregon. This year my friend Ryan and I covered 100 miles of singletrack, drove 2600 miles, and camped in the Redwood forests in NorCal and Crater Lake in Oregon. Trails ridden include the Santa Cruz Trail in Santa Barbara (CA), Little Hill in the Jedidiah Smith Forest (CA), a segment of the North Umpqua Trail (OR), Alpine Trail in Oakridge (OR), Mt. St. Helens (WA) and the Lewis River Trail (WA).

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